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Business Administration, Web and Digital Marketing Strategy


The purpose of the Business Administration diploma program is to provide students with the fundamentals of business administration skills and knowledge along with the essential skills necessary to design and develop websites.

Students will learn skills needed in business and industry such as computer literacy, numeracy, and cross- cultural communications as well as develop a basic knowledge of accounting, management, economics, marketing, organizational structures, business law, human resource management and services marketing.

Students will also develop the practical skills to build and maintain HTML/CSS and WordPress web sites, manage Multi-Channel Digital Marketing, and design for the web using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. A final course is a capstone project defined by the student to develop a business plan, solve a potential business problem, establish a new system, develop a new product or service; which requires the integration of multiple courses taught in the Business Administration – Web Tech & Digital Marketing Specialty Diploma Program.

Year 1: 800 hours, Year 2: 730 hours



Learning Objectives

  • Upon completion of the program, you will have demonstrated basic functions essential in business such as:
  • Knowledge of basic accounting systems, and ability to apply accounting principles of accumulation, external reporting, and financial accounting information.
  • Skills in preparing and analyzing accounting information for shareholders and management use in partnerships and corporations.
  • Familiarity with individual and group behavior in an organization.
  • Understanding of basic computer terminology, Windows, and Microsoft Office tools such as Word Processing, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Understanding of how economies impact business, industries, and government decisions.
  • Understanding of North America’s population trends, and how various cultures affect social interaction and business. ​
  • Ability to solve practical financial and math problems businesses regularly encounter.​
  • Understanding of management functions which include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling an organization.
  • Exhibit awareness of the four PSs of marketing — product, price, place, and promotion.
  • Familiarity with the Canadian business legal system, and the ability to make decisions based on common law, and provincial and federal statutes.
  • Ability to produce topics for blogs and essays, and to conduct research and create reports.
  • Knowledge of human resources, including job design policies and procedures, employee development and retention, workplace health and safety, human rights, and employee/labor relations.
  • Understanding of the expanded seven Ps of marketing service, and the ability to apply a gap analysis framework towards making service improvements and expansions.
  • Ability to design, develop, and maintain a website; to code for the web and mobile, to set up and maintain a content management system, and to employ digital marketing strategies and tools to maximize a website’s potential.
  • Substantial knowledge of confronting business challenges by integrating business and technical skills for a key purpose.


    Potential Careers

    • Upon successful completion of the program, you will be well-suited for entry-level positions in a range of business, industry and government sectors, including those that require a combination of business administration knowledge and web design, development and maintenance skills. You will also be well-positioned for:
    • Self-employed Jr. WordPress web developer
    • Jr. WordPress web developer in a studio environment
    • Jr. freelance coordinator
    • Jr. specialist in any sub-divisions within the field of web development
    • Self-employed Jr. WordPress web developer

    Admission Requirements

    • BC high school graduate or equivalent from other provinces or countries.
    • A minimum C grade or equivalent in Math 11. Students who can’t meet this requirement must take a math upgrading course in advance or concurrently with the first term of the Business Administration Certificate program.
    • A minimum C grade or equivalent in English 12. Students whose first language is not English and who did not graduate from a school that does not deliver its curriculum in English can meet this requirement with an IELTS score of 6.0 with no band under 6.0; or an iBT TOEFL minimum score of 71; or a score based on the Common European Framework of B2.
    • Students who successfully completed the Business Administration certificate program will be eligible for direct entry to the second year of this program.

    Fee Details

    Domestic Student (Year One)
    Administrative Fee1000
    Textbooks Fee1523.59
    Course Material Fee 160
    Application Fee150

    Domestic Student (Year Two)
    Administrative Fee1000
    Textbooks Fee1200
    Course Material Fee100
    Application Fee150

    International Students (Year One)
    Mandatory Medical Insurance (Both Years)1500
    Administrative Fee2000
    Textbooks Fee1523.59
    Course Material Fee200
    Application Fee160

    International Students (Year Two)
    Administrative Fee1500
    Textbooks Fee1200
    Course Materials Fee100
    Application Fee150

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