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Accelerated Drupal Open Source Development & E-Commerce Diploma Program


Program duration:

  • Total of 33 weeks/100 hours flexible schedule
  • One-on-one training or a maximum of three students
  • 3-hour sessions based on students’ flexibility

Program type: Accelerated Bootcamp

This program differs from its full-time equivalent as it follows an individualized and accelerated format to maximize students’ time. While it also delivers the full-time curriculum, this accelerated program is taught in a more intimate setting based on a student’s career goal and technical aptitude. It allows for greater flexibility for people who are unable to commit to a regular class schedule.

100 Hours



Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, you will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Install, configure, and customize Drupal
  • Manage server-side configuration using command line tools
  • Understand the complexity of Drupal architecture
  • Produce comprehensive information architecture for design and development
  • Analyze and document project requirements
  • Create blogs, discussion forums, and member profiles
  • Use state-of-the-art tools for server configuration and code versioning
  • Create backups/updates, security/roles/permissions, and menu navigation
  • Develop flexible page layouts and CSS for multiple device theming
  • Use PHP to customize various themes and functionalitya
  • Develop a secure and scalable e-commerce website
  • Maintain the integrity and security of a Drupal website for maximum efficiency
  • Employ a fit-for-purpose software development process
  • Carry a CMS concept — from inception to completion


    Potential Careers

    Upon successful completion of this course, you will have demonstrated skills in any of the following capacities:

    • Self-employed Jr. Drupal web developer
    • Drupal developer in a studio environment
    • A Jr. Drupal freelance contractor

    A Jr. specialist in any sub-divisions within the field of web development

    Admission Requirements

    • A valid photo ID or birth certificate
    • A high school diploma or be at least 19 years of age
    • Students under the age of 19 require their parent’s or guardian’s signature
    • Successful completion of the Web Tech and Digital Marketing certificate program, or completed a basic skills assessment with a Q College staff member, or proficient in design and can provide a portfolio

    Fee Details

    Domestic students
    Application fee150
    Lab fee125
    Archiving fee10

    International students
    Application fee1000
    Lab fee125
    Archiving fee10

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