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Accelerated Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing


Program duration:

  • Total of 33 weeks/100 hours flexible schedule
  • 3-hour training sessions once or twice a week

Program type: Accelerated Bootcamp

If you want to learn the curriculum of the Advanced WordPress and Digital Marketing program but are unable to commit to its structured schedule, then this program is for you.

100 Hours



Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, you will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Use relevant strategies to create rewarding digital marketing campaigns.
  • Use Google Analytics to optimize, measure and maximize a website’s potential.
  • Establish and execute a branding strategy that is defined by persona, values ​​and goals.
  • Apply search engine optimization and search engine marketing procedures.
  • Identify and integrate suitable social media platforms and campaigns for businesses.
  • Measure and track customer behavior throughout a conversion process.
  • Understand and test user behavior and measure conversion rates.
  • Apply advanced practices on workflow and responsive design in WordPress development.
  • Understand all digital marketing tools specific to WordPress development.
  • Expand on the use of advanced WordPress Plugin integration in e-commerce and marketing.


    Potential Careers

    Upon completion of the program, you will have demonstrated skills in any of the following capacities

    • Self-employed WordPress web developer
    • WordPress web developer in a studio environment
    • Freelance contractor
    • Marketing co-ordinator
    • digital marketing coordinator
    • A specialist in any sub-divisions within the field of web development

    Admission Requirements

    • A valid photo ID or birth certificate
    • A high school diploma or be at least 19 years of age
    • Students under the age of 19 require their parent’s or guardian’s signature
    • Completed an intake with a Multihexa team member
    • Successful completion of the Web Tech and Digital Marketing certificate program or the Accelerated Web Development Digital Marketing certificate program, or proficient in design and can provide a portfolio, or has completed a basic skills assessment with a Multihexa staff member

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